Dog that does not want to eat

A dog not eating is assumed to be not feeling well or actually ill by most pet owners causing them great concern, creating alarm. However, we humans never stop and think that we may eat less, skip meals or even go a day without eating for other reasons than being ill. The same goes for our dogs, except we worry about them more than we do ourselves most of the time. Dr. Dean Severidt, has a different view about a dog not eating and what it may mean for your four legged friend, even if he or she is feeling a little under the weather.

The dog not eating is not necessarily a sign of not feeling well or actually being desperately ill. However, Dr. Severidt feels that not eating for a day or so gives the dog a chance to have an empty stomach, and have time for his body to recuperate without having to work hard though the digestive process of food. The dog not eating, is actually going through a natural process of self-healing. It is believed that the dog eating while feeling badly may actually take longer to get the zip to return by feeling better.
Dr. Severidt also acknowledges that research has shown fasting our dogs for 24 hours, once a week is provides several advantages for them. There is a lot of information available, found in medical articles about dogs. He also says that the fasting will not harm our dogs. A dog not eating, even for several days, is fine since most dogs are overweight to begin with.
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