Ear Care for Pets

Ear infections can be seen by common clinical signs which include scratching of the ears, head shaking, red ears or a bad smell in the ears.  Ear infections can affect both cats and dogs, but are commonly found in dogs.

There are many reasons that dogs can get ear infections and those include allergies, bathing, getting water in the ear through swimming or basically just having some dirt and material in the ear that can be complicated when they also have hair that grows deep into their ear.

Unlike humans, dogs and cats have ears that are a little bit more complicated.  Instead of just having one canal, they actually have an L-shaped ear canal with both horizontal and vertical components.  So when we think about medicating their ears, we have to make sure that we get the medication deep into the ear and then we massage in so that the medication can actually reach way down near the eardrum.  We do want to ensure also that we don’t treat ears at home by using things like Q-tips or swabs because they can actually damage the ear drum if we do that.

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Today, we’re going to talk about ear infections in pets commonly known in the veterinary world as otitis interna or extern.

Also, when we examine their ear in the hospital, we are looking to make sure that the ear drum is intact and that’s very important because some of the medications that we do use for ear infections can cause problems that the eardrum is broken.

Some of the most common medications we use for ear infections include mometamax, tresaderm, and Baytril Otic.

The important thing is that we do the swab cytology so we can see what is going on exactly with the ear infection whether it be a bacterial or fungal ear infection and then we can treat it appropriately.

We also do advice that our owners, especially owners with floppy ear dogs and dogs that have a lot of hair in their ears actually clean their ears on a regular basis with products like Epi-Otic.  We are more than happy to show you how to clean your dog or cat’s ears if you wanted to come in.

Some of the complications of ear infections that are left untreated would be vestibular disease, where actually the facial nerves are affected and dogs can actually get head tilt and have a deep, deep infection and things like oral hematoma and that’s a pocket of blood that forms in the ear from a really bad head shaking.

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