What Makes Wireless Dog Fence the Best to Contain Pets in the Yard?

What Makes Wireless Dog Fence the Best to Contain Pets in the Yard?

The wireless dog fences are quite popular nowadays. Many pet owners are wondering what wireless dog fence is and what makes it better than the traditional wooden or metal fence. This article will give you complete information on the wireless pet fence and their benefits.

The wireless dog fence is an invisible fence, which you and your dog cannot see. It works the best to keep your pet safe and contained in your yard. It is also called the electronic fence because it is actually a combination of two devices. The first device is a transmitter, which you can set anywhere inside your home. Another device is a receiver or collar, which locates the position of your pup inside and outside your home. You can set the area in which you want to contain your pup and then let him move with the collar. The collar starts buzzing as the dog crosses the yard and he gets back in the yard.

Why is it a better choice?

Just imagine, you have decided to install the traditional style fence around your property. You will have to contact a fence installation agency and you will have to buy the prefab fences or custom-made fences. The complete cost of the fence and installation agency would be very expensive. You may not like to spend that expensive amount only to protect your loving pup and that’s why the wireless dog fence is the best choice.

There are many features of the wireless pet fences that pet owners like. Those features are:

  • Wireless boundary:

This fence will create a virtual boundary around your home. Your dog will never go across the fence and he will learn that the area outside the fence is insecure and dangerous. You don’t need to dig the area and there is no need to install the wires. Only two devices are enough to contain the dogs safely in the yard.

  • You can cover up to ½ acre area:

You will have to spend a very expensive amount for fencing ½ acre area and it is certainly not a feasible choice, when you can fence the whole area by spending a very cost-effective amount. Petsafe is a renowned brand, which is providing very best wireless dog fence at very affordable prices. You can consider it for your home.

  • You can use it anywhere you want:

If you think the wireless dog fence is only for fencing your home, then rethink about it. The transmitter is a portable device, which you can carry anywhere you go. You can apply the fence around your camp, office, and all other areas. Your dog will remain contained inside the fence because he will learn not to cross the fence.

The training is an important part of wireless dog fence. Train your dog and let him learn why the receiver collar is buzzing. The dogs learn things very quickly and they follow the instructions quite strictly. Once your pet has learned not to cross the invisible boundary, he will remain inside the fence and thus you will feel tension free.

If you would like to find more information about wireless fences for dogs and get to know what are the differences between the two models? Check out the comprehensive reviews here.

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